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My Very Loose Tooth


My name is Kayla Smyle and this is my story. I'm seven and I have brown hair, blue eyes and a very loose tooth. I have been waiting for it to come out forever. I push it with my tongue, I move it back and forth and yesterday I even twisted it in a circle. I need to lose my tooth soon, because I have to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. She will visit me when I'm asleep and leave me some money. I'm happy about the money but I'm more happy about the tooth fairy. I've never, ever seen a fairy. Never. Not even once.

I'm not telling anyone this. I'm going to stay up all night and wait for her. I'll pretend to be asleep and when I hear her, I'm going to open my eyes and surprise her. She'll be really surprised because I'm going to take her picture. I hope she smiles nice because I'm probably only going to have one chance to get a good picture. Fairies are very quick and she might fly away.


My tooth is still here! I want it out. Grandpa said that he could tie a string around it and tie the string to a doorknob and slam the door and my tooth would come out. I cried, so Mommy made him stop


Today I sort of got in trouble. I was pushing my tooth with my tongue and I twisted it in a circle again! My teacher, Mr. Williams, asked me a question, but I didn't hear him. I think he was calling my name a lot, because when I looked up there he was, at my desk! He asked if I heard him and I said no and he said why not. I told him about my tooth and then he was OK. I think he thought it was kind of funny, even, because he smiled and told me to pay attention from now on.


My tooth is out! I lost my tooth! I'm so happy!!! It's already under my pillow. I lost it this morning. It didn't hurt at all. I guess all that pushing must have worked. I was wobbling it back and forth and I twisted it a circle and then it was hanging by a teeny, tiny string and I pushed just a little bit more and then it was out. Mommy and Daddy clapped for me.

I have a hole in my mouth now. It feels weird, but it's fun to stick my tongue in it. I touch every tooth with my tongue and save the empty spot for last. Then I go back to the tooth right next to the empty spot and run my tongue up and down it and then up and down the empty spot, like a roller coaster. I've been doing this all day, but I stopped when Mr. Williams looked at me.

Tonight I will stay up all night and wait for the tooth fairy. I know I can do it. I borrowed Mommy's and Daddy's camera and I put it under my bed. When I see the tooth fairy, I'll turn on the light quick and take her picture. If she doesn't run away, maybe she'll talk to me and tell me how she flies all over and what she does with the teeth and other stuff. I can't wait! I really, really can't wait! But I will. I will wait. I'm going to wait. Wait for the tooth fairy.

Friday (later)

Still waiting. I'm not tired. Not at all. I'm not falling asleep. I'm waiting. Waiting is easy I can wait all night. I'm not tired.


I fell asleep! I stayed up so late and I waited and waited. I kept saying to myself "I'm awake, I'm awake" and I said the alphabet and I practiced talking to the tooth fairy and I made sure the camera was ready and I kept my eyes wide open. Sometimes I shut them, but only for a half a second. I didn't lie down at all. I put my head down on the pillow, but not for long. I was still sitting up, just resting my head.

That's all I can remember. I woke up and the sun was in my room. But no tooth fairy. She did visit me and she left one dollar under my pillow. She left me a note, too. This is it.

Dear Kayla,
I came to visit you during the night. I waited until you were asleep. I know that you tried very hard to stay awake and I'd like to ask you a big favor. Please don't try to wait up for me again. I can't explain right now, but I only visit children while they're sleeping. I'll lose some of my magic if you see me, and probably a lot of my magic if you take my picture.

I hope you like the money. I know I like your tooth. It is beautiful, so white that it sparkles. I can tell that you took good care of it, and I promise to do the same. Please keep taking care of the rest of your teeth and I'll be back to visit you soon (while you're sleeping).

Tooth Fairy