Tips for parents

  • Print our calendar and ask your child to mark the days after brushing and flossing. You may also download stickers to cut out and paste on the calendar.
  • Ask the tooth fairy to leave special notes for your child. Compliments about good dental hygiene will be appreciated and remembered.
  • Use an hourglass timer in the bathroom to ensure that your kids brush their teeth for at least two minutes. They'll enjoy watching the sand drift through the hourglass, and they'll be surprised how quickly they finish brushing.
  • If your children are feeling nervous about visiting the dentist, ask them to draw a picture or write a story about it. Perhaps they can draw a picture of a very brave kid, with beautiful, healthy teeth. Or if they prefer writing stories, they can get ideas here (or come up with some of their own!).
  • Make a game out of brushing and flossing. Your child's mouth can be a house, a castle or any building with lots of windows. Have your child "wash" each window carefully, moving all around the building, top and bottom and side to side.