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Tooth Tales

You probably know all about the Tooth Fairy. You lose a tooth and right away you place it under your pillow. Sometime during the night the Tooth Fairy visits you, takes your tooth and leaves you some money. But did you know that tooth customs are different all over the world?

  • In the Philippines,

    kids leave their teeth on the windowsill for the Tooth Rat. The next morning, the tooth is gone and the Rat has left them money.
  • In Taiwan,

    when a child loses a tooth, he throws it up on the roof. He has to stand very straight, with his legs together. He must be sure that there is no space at all between his legs. If there is even the smallest gap, his new tooth will grow in funny - it will stick straight out!
  • In Guatemala,

    kids also throw their teeth on the roof. In the morning, the teeth are gone - a mouse has come during the night and taken them away.